Mapex Black Panther Cherry Bomb 13" x 5.5" Cherrywood Snare Drum

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The Mapex Black Panther is not just the is the one and only Cherrybomb. The heart and soul of the Black Panther Cherrybomb is the 13 x 5.5 all cherrywood shell with the smooth contoured 1.9 bearing edge. Add to this explosive shell the Mapex Sonic Saver hoops that create an unbelieveable cross stick and rim shot while also protecting your hands from shock and discomfort. Getting the right snare tension and sound is quick and very easy with the new piston style strainer and butt plate. Make everytime you play feel like your reason to celebrate, get a Black Panther Cherrybomb!



Distinctive to the ear and classic to the eye. This drum is great at turning heads with its focused and bright sound. 


  • Sonic Saver Hoops
  • Cylinder-Drive Strainer
  • Premium Snare Wires



  • 13" x 5.5"
  • Cherry
  • Bearing edge: Sharp 45 degree outside-cut
  • Sound: Bright, Focused, & Balanced
  • Transparent Cherry
  • Chrome

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