Why you need an Orange Amp

Posted by Josh on 24th May 2023

Often overlooked in past years by those looking for a British sound when seeking the likes of Marshall and Vox- Orange Amplification has b
Are Schecter Guitars Good?

Are Schecter Guitars Good?

Posted by K. Mathis on 25th Aug 2021

Schecter GuitarsHistory Overview:In 1976 Schecter Guitars starts as a replacement guitar parts company.In 1979 Schecter started building abo

Ice Storm In Texas (Shipping Delays)

Posted by Kyle Mathis on 16th Feb 2021

Hey everybody! I just wanted to let everyone know that here in Texas our weather has been extremely cold as of 2 days ago the power has been
Crazy 2020 Musician Madness!

Crazy 2020 Musician Madness!

Posted by Kyle Mathis on 16th Sep 2020

Well I hope everyone out there is doing ok, considering the circumstances. This year for Musician Madness has been absolute madness, no pun