Breedlove guitars arguably the best acoustic guitars made today!

Breedlove guitars arguably the best acoustic guitars made today!

Posted by Kyle Mathis on 20th Aug 2016

What is the best playing acoustic guitar out there? Well obviously this is based on opinion but you need to know all of the options before you can form a validated opinion.

When guitar players picture the perfect guitar generally the first guitars that come to mind are Taylor and Martin. The general music industry has glorified these guitars to be the best acoustic guitars you can purchase. What if I told you that there are guitars out there now that blow these big name acoustics out of the water and musicians need to be aware. 

Until a few months ago I had no idea what a Breedlove guitar was I just assumed it was another cheap acoustic or since I had never heard of Breedlove that there must not be anything special about them. I decided to give these guitars a shot. In all of my 18 years of guitar playing I have never played a more beautiful sounding instrument. Let me make something clear, I am not a great player but this guitar made me feel like I was. The feeling you get when you strum a guitar and it touches your heart is what this guitar did. I have played the $3,000 Martins and Taylors those guitars have nothing on this guitar. 

Breedlove Guitar history: Larry Breedlove and  Steve Henderson the owners were luthiers for Taylor guitars and left the company. They took their knowledge to Bend, Oregon and started making guitars in 1990. They haven't been around as long as some of the other companies but I believe they will far surpass their competitors once time takes it course. I believe arguably that they are the best guitar company out there.

I really urge anyone to try out a Breedlove guitar before you purchase your next acoustic guitar. I firmly believe you will not be let down.