Musician Madness Has Moved to a New Location 02/28/18

Posted by Kyle Mathis on 28th Feb 2018

Hello, Just wanted to update everyone that Musician Madness has moved to a new location. After consulting with my CPA's and looking at the numbers from every angle we decided it was best to downsize to a warehouse location opposed to a full on store front. I really wanted the store to work because I love meeting new musicians within the community and helping others have a cool spot to interact with fellow musicians. Unfortunately, the music store just wasn't generating enough income to justify the storefront. 

Looking at the numbers online sales have been consistent for about two years now so it was a safer move for myself to relocate to warehouse with less overhead. We still have a small showroom and spot for lessons. So I hope this news doesn't upset to many people because like I said before I really wanted the store to work but it just didn't make sense.

 Our New address is:

Musician Madness 

6621 Storm Cat Lane Suite 240

Burleson, TX 

Thank you to everybody that supported the store!